Fraud Alert

Updated on 2/21/2013

Several fraudulent solicitations claiming to be from or associated with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) are circulating the internet. These scams include:

  • Communication from an individual using the domain name [note the misspelling of “global”]. This individual may use a number of names of existing CGI staff members, including "Craig Minanssian," and may represent him or herself as a director of CGI and representative of President Clinton. This domain name and individual are in no way affiliated with President Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative or the Clinton Foundation and all communications from this person are fraudulent.

  • Emails inviting attendees to a Global Women Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on June 6-8, on behalf of the Clinton Global Initiative. This email is not in any way associated with the Clinton Global Initiative or the Global Summit of Women. The Global Summit of Women is not in any way associated with the Clinton Global Initiative, and any such invitations from CGI are not valid. The Clinton Global Initiative is not responsible for any transactions that were not made through its official channels and/or those of its affiliated entities. If you have a question about your attendance at an event, please email

Please be advised, ALL SUCH SOLICITATIONS ARE FRAUDULENT AND IN NO WAY CONNECTED TO OR AFFILIATED WITH THE WORK OF THE CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE. We are taking steps to address these matters. Information about CGI events are posted exclusively on our website.

If you believe you have been a victim of this fraud, please submit details of your experience, along with any emails or other information you have received in connection with this matter, to


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