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Session Types

Plenary Sessions:

Organized as discussions featuring world leaders, plenary sessions present cross-sectoral perspectives and methods to address global challenges.

Special Sessions:

These panel discussions address particular topics, often revolving around timely challenges or specific regions.

Breakout Sessions

This year's Annual Meeting offers several new ways for CGI members to gather insights and work together.

Design Labs:

In facilitated groups, CGI members will generate solutions to specific "how" questions, such as "How might we provide reliable and safe energy for all?" Members will share their resulting ideas, with the goal of spurring new partnerships and Commitments to Action.

Commitment Workshops:

In these interactive sessions, members will leverage shared lessons and challenges of the over 2,100 existing CGI commitments. The dialogue will focus on cross-cutting approaches that will help all members design their work for impact.

Broadcast Conversations:

Members will hear from prominent journalists, thought leaders, and special guests in a series of dynamic broadcast conversations designed to highlight innovative action and approaches to global challenges.

Registration for members will be open on Saturday 9/22, from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM