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Meeting Theme: Designing for Impact


How can we design our world to create more opportunity and more equality? How are we designing our lives, our environments, and the global systems we employ in order to impact the challenges at hand?

The 2012 Annual Meeting will explore how the Clinton Global Initiative community can utilize our abundance of global capacity to invent better tools, build more effective interventions, and work creatively and collaboratively to design a future worth pursuing.

Each day of the Annual Meeting, CGI members will use a different lens to approach designing their work for impact.

Designing for the Individual (Sunday, September 23)

As the world's population expands beyond 7 billion, individuals face obstacles that prevent them from maximizing their full potential. This day will focus on creating opportunity and empowering every individual to design a better future for themselves.

Topics Include:

Access to Finance, Workforce Development, Women-owned Businesses, Under-served Populations, Behavioral Change, Healthcare Delivery


Designing Our Environments (Monday, September 24)

To provide healthy, sustainable settings to work, learn, and dwell, we must design holistic approaches for both built and natural environments. This day will explore investment in ecosystems, urban centers, and social environments to foster a prosperous future for the next generation.

Topics Include:

Women & Built Environments, Climate & Disaster Reslience, Investment in Early Childhood, Land Use & Watershed Protection, Sustainable Energy, Community & Employee Engagement


Designing Our Systems (Tuesday, September 25)

Our interconnected world requires systems of governance, community welfare, and commerce to account for economic growth as well as social good. This day will examine tools and approaches used to design systems that enable sustainable prosperity and opportunity for all.

Topics Include:

Business & Social Value, Global Food Systems, Supply Chain Evaluation, Access to Information & Technology, Impact Investing, Women & Governance